gokigen japanese

Online learning service for Japanese language learners

Branding, UI design
Product owner: 27th Co., Ltd


"gokigen japanese" is an online language learning service that allows users to learn Japanese by taking lessons offered by Japanese teachers. The service features a fun and unique way to learn Japanese using manga and articles about Japanese culture.

My role was building a brand identity and UI design. I initially presented a design concept of easiness and approachability and applied them to the logo, landing page, and UI. I incorporated illustrations and hand-drawn elements as a way to portray that concept.

Color & Typography

Logo Design

I proposed several ideas for the service logo that represents the design concept. The softness included in the lowercase letters can be a good way to represent the concept. I also wanted the shape to make people want to touch it, so I removed the sharp edge and added roundness, which looks softer and more approachable.

UI Design

I created the UI so that users would find it easy and approachable when using this service. One of the ideas is the onboarding section for first-time users, which is shown on the dashboard they see right after signing up. The three easy steps with pictures can encourage users to book their first lesson.

The service character, a penguin, plays a role in adding an essence of fun to a simple and functionality-oriented UI. It appears at key points in the user's experience, such as after subscription, and is aiming to make users feel more attached to the service.