Restaurant finder & sharing app for lunch

UX/UI design
Self-produced work

Research & idea

The challenge is to design an app to find a restaurant easily around the office. First, I did research on possible problems that can occur at lunchtime and also their causes. After that, I considered probable needs.

I created three personas according to probable needs and made Mari the primary persona. She eats out less frequently compared to the other personas and she knows few restaurants around the office. In addition, she has specific hopes about how to spend her lunchtime. I assumed that her actions would change and she would feel more comfortable at lunchtime.



The concept of this app is to allow users to find a restaurant that is right for their needs during their limited lunchtime.

Users can find their ideal restaurant without browsing a list of restaurants that are not to their own tastes or reading a huge number of reviews.

1. By setting up their lunchtime priorities, users can find a restaurant on the list that others who set up the same priorities recommended.

2. By sharing and recommending their favorite restaurants, it will be useful for someone to find a new restaurant.