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A calendar app that allows users to change it to their favorite color. Although everyone has their own tastes, it is difficult to freely select colors when you use a calendar app compared to schedule books. I think that making it blend into the lifestyle of every user is important because it is used every day. As a functional aspect, I designed it so that users check both monthly and weekly schedules on the same view area.

ToDo list

A to-do list app for learners. Users can organize their daily and weekly tasks. They can clearly make sure that a task is finished. A relaxed character is displayed when there are no tasks.

Info card

Info cards for an online shop. In the shopping cart, ordered items are displayed as a card. It's easy to understand what the user is going to buy compared to when they confirm the items on a list and it would provide them with a more fun visual experience.


A recipe app that users can switch from an instructions page to an ingredients page with one tap of a button. It would be suitable for users who are not good at cooking because they can switch them whenever they want to return to the ingredients page.


A weather forecast app that users can see what time the weather changes at a glance. This app is convenient when users want to simply know the moment of change in weather, as opposed to typical weather apps that you usually look at hourly forecasts by vertical or horizontal scrolling. In addition, I tried to apply a curve line so that it looks organic because existing weather apps tend to use straight lines a lot.

Customize product

Color selection screens of an interior online shop. When users select a color, the background image changes. It allows users to imagine how it looks and feels when put.

Job listing

My challenge is that users can find their ideal job more quickly, and they will have more time to prepare to apply for the job. Jobs are listed according to the percentages that match the user's registered information in terms of characteristics such as qualifications, salary, and benefits. It's easy to make sure that the job suits them.

Countdown timer

A countdown timer app for studying. This app encourages learners to keep their motivation. That is because they look at the amount of study time they worked on and it makes them motivated.

Analytics chart

A sleeping analytics chart. Users can improve their sleeping habits by looking at daily and weekly charts. It's easy to compare the number of hours with several types of graphs.

Video player

A video player for language learners. Users can bookmark favorite phrases in dramas and practice them. It allows them to learn a language with fun.