Home workout app which makes you want to exercise

UX/UI design
Self-produced work


I tried to make an app for those who have difficulty keeping workout and fitness. There are already many workout apps out there but it is hard for some users to keep doing. The challenge is to allow such users to exercise while having fun.

To consider a concept, I created a persona first, whose name is Sara. She has a low priority for exercise in her day-to-day life, and although she is concerned about lack of exercise, she usually spends time doing things like checking SNS whenever she has free time. I assumed that she could spare some of that time for exercise and decided to make the app for home workout. Also, as I found that easiness like checking SNS and fun to overcome low motivation are must, I brainstormed ideas by taking them into account.


The concept is to provide users with experiences to enjoy both their change (in body shape or lifestyle) and the change of their avatar. They keep trying hard together with their avatar called "Me" and then, enjoy dressing up Me with the points they accumulated. It can allow them to gain a sense of achievement and to feel an attachment to the app. I expect it to lead to their next motivation.


Customer journey

To improve the experience :

The first training menu selection can be a point that users find complicated. Therefore, I made it allow users only to select an option that suits them from chunked questions according to purpose, time, and exercise stress are offered so that users start workout immediately.

Since working memory is almost full while exercising, the app requires users to only tap the start/pause/end buttons in order to minimize the effort. Also, by training with the animation of their own avatar instead of videos someone demonstrates, they feel like they are trying hard together as if they were with friends.

When users achieve their goals is the most important moment for them. The animation that their avatar celebrates together will enhance their sense of achievement. In addition, they are prompted to share their record by putting SNS share buttons and get motivated for the next activities.



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